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History on Banknotes: Gregorio Luperon

A Dominican hero, Gregorio Luperon is best known for his fight to restore what is now the Dominican Republic after it was annexed by the Spanish Government. Haiti and the Dominican Republic are connected to each as they on the same island mass in the Caribbean Ocean. As history would tell it Haiti belonged to the French and the Dominican Republic belonged to Spain. Haiti found its independence from the French crown and it caused many in the Dominican Republic to feel as if they too wanted independence.
The Dominican Republic entered a pact with the Spanish Government that offered it protection from the Haitians who may want to unit the entire island into one nation. This is were Gregorio Luperon became a hero for the Dominican Republic. Luperon led the Domincian Military in a fight against the Spaniards to regain the Dominicans independence again.

Dominican Republic 20 Pesos Oro P182
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