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Jon Gruden showed us a highlight on his phone (really) during Titans-Chiefs

Jon Gruden is about to ditch the broadcast booth to coach the Oakland Raiders, and he gave us one last signature moment in the booth during his final game.

Marcus Mariota scored a touchdown that he threw to himself in the third quarter (really, it was as amazing as it sounds). Most of us weren’t sure whether we’d seen that before, and Gruden was there to remind us that it had indeed happened.

So he led by example. Finally Hansen’s son, defensive coordinator Rich Hansen III, pulled Minkah aside. “Not everyone was raised the same way as you,” he explained. “You can’t just get mad at people. You have to teach them what the standard is and then remind them when they don’t hit it.”

Westbrook’s efficiency left much to be desired, and he took heat for rebound-poaching and stat-padding. Some critics, including Rockets GM Daryl Morey, bemoaned the triple-double’s arbitrary nature. Nevertheless, a triple-double average was an unthinkable accomplishment for decades, right up until Westbrook set about his chase last October. Indeed, the game’s greatest players over the past 50 year—Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Magic Johnson and all the rest—never came particularly close to pulling it off. Westbrook’s season of achievement was capped with his first MVP award, after he fended off former teammate James Harden in an epic horserace. He, and Oklahoma City, celebrated with a $205 million contract extension in September.

The big question coming out of the Warriors’ smashing postseason: How would their success and their sustainability impact their competitors’ thinking? Would rivals view them as an inevitable dynasty and adopt a longer-team approach? Or, would they continue along with business as usual in hopes of challenging the champs?

Actually, most of the Vol Nation objected to the Greg Schiano hire because we had just fired one megalomaniac, control freak of a coach in Butch Jones and were about to hire the defensive version in Schiano! You as an NFL expert should be well aware of this. (Ask anyone in Tampa about him.) Yes, SOME of the Vol Nation (the ones who got all the press) were upset over unproven allegations going back to his days at Penn State, and for that they should be sorry. But the main thrust of this is a fan base saying we will not settle for mediocrity again. I challenge you to respond.

Aguayo was the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ second-round pick in 2016, and had a rough go at things, to say the least. He made 22 of his 31 kicks, and missed two extra points on the season as well.

His attempt to improve in 2017 was cut short early, after struggling in the preseason opener by missing a field goal and extra point against the Bengals. He would be released after the performance. Nick Folk took his place, but would be replaced by Patrick Murray, after Folk also performed poorly.

they are certainly used to drinking at this time on a football Sunday.

On Friday night, in his final production meeting with the Monday Night Football crew in a Kansas City hotel, Jon Gruden explained with tears in his eyes why he was leaving the program and the network to return to coaching. It was the end of an odyssey for Gruden, who spent much of his time at ESPN as the subject of recurring rumors regarding his interest in returning to the coaching ranks, where he’d found success with the Raiders and Buccaneers, winning a Super Bowl with the latter.

It’s worth noting Chicago can’t afford to lose Toews -term because he plays such a huge role for them.Who knows, but Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard wasn’t impressed.addition to her husband and mother, she is also survived by her : Clinton of Richmond; two brothers: Deaton and Deaton and two sisters: Deaton and and husband .Pead appeared three games this season for the Miami Dolphins, and he had recently worked out for the Kansas City Chiefs.

2. To be clear, that’s not an indictment whatsoever of the G-League’s actual product, which continues to improve as the NBA finalizes the big-picture vision of every franchise owning and operating its own affiliate. Most teams are heavily invested in the success of their overall program and the size of their respective contingents at the event tends to echo that. While only a small percentage of the players present will actually carve out NBA careers, the talent level is substantial and pulls from a wide net. While for the average fan this level of hoops can be easy to dismiss, if you simply love basketball or scouting (or obscure basketball players, or scouting obscure basketball players), it’s a terrific place to get your fix.

3. The logistics of the event itself have also made strides: the Raptors (who are hosts for the second straight year) opened up a second gymnasium this time around, allowing for staggered start times, two games for every team and a four-day schedule instead of five.

League sources say the Magic are fielding calls from a handful of teams on Ibaka as the deadline approaches, amid undeniable concern that retaining the Congo native free agency come July prove much trickier than initially anticipated.They used the third round pick, 90th overall, to draft goaltender, Matej Tomek, out of the NAHL.I think you can only if you thought you could get him games on a regular basis.