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Seahawks G.M. urges fans to “trust the process”

The Seahawks have undergone major changes to the coaching staff and the roster in 2018. Seahawks General Manager John Schneider doesn’t regard it as a big deal.

“It’s a constant reset every single year, it doesn’t stop,” Schneider said during an appearance on 710 ESPN in Seattle. “When I say ‘reset’ people are like, ‘Well it’s a rebuild.’ We’re not rebuilding. It’s just a reset. We’ve got some pretty good players on this football team. And there’s a lot of young players that people don’t necessarily — they haven’t heard their names yet. I remember going through this when we traded Josh Wilson, and Kelly Jennings and Marcus Trufant were here. And nobody knew who Byron Maxwell and Richard Sherman and Walter Thurmond were. . . .

Regardless, it had to happen. For a variety of reasons that the Seahawks would freely admit — and that they would prefer not to discuss. It was time to clear the players who had lingering hostility regarding Super Bowl XLIX off the roster, and it was time to shift the focus of the team away from the Legion of Boom and toward a franchise quarterback who is still in the front end of his prime.

Plenty of players on the Seahawks of past years (and a few who are still on the roster) resent Russell Wilson. As the team moves forward, those guys need to go. They need to be replaced by players who recognize from the moment they enter the locker room that, if the Seahawks are going to thrive for the next decade, Wilson needs to be the centerpiece of the franchise.

So trust the process, Seahawks fans. The team has the most important position covered. All Schneider needs to do is fill in the roster around him and Schneider already has proven he can do just that.

If Rosen truly hopes to not play for the Browns, and if the Browns fail to get or heed the message, what happens next?

Whether it’s because he’s a “millennial” or for some other reason, Rosen thinks what he wants and says what he thinks. While he may be wisely keeping his desire to avoid the Browns close to the vest for now, it’s hard to imagine Rosen willingly accepting a career path with which he doesn’t agree.

Incoming NFL players routinely set aside what they want because they accept that, at least at the outset of their careers, they believe they can’t get it. Rosen possibly believes he can. If he does, he shouldn’t be afraid to try.la_kings_015

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