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Travis Kelce ruled out of Chiefs’ game vs. Titans with a concussion

Travis Kelce left the Chiefs’ game against the Titans after taking a hit to the head on a second down late in the first half. Kelce was wobbly getting up and had to be held up by some of his teammates.

Players are slipping, and it’s making it hard for either offense to get much going. The Rams had just 14 total yards of offense in the first quarter. Todd Gurley had just 15 total yards with just under six minutes left to play in the first half. It’s hard to get yards when you can’t keep your feet.

After not quite one full half of football, you can see huge divots and clumps of turf all over the field.

Matt Ryan fell prey to it, also. His back leg went out from under him, and he went down and had an ugly collision between his head and Rams outside linebacker Robert Quinn’s knee.

“How appropriate,” said Houston manager A.J. Hinch. “He deserves to be forever in the last highlight of the first world championship in Houston Astros history.” The season ended in the right hands not only because Altuve endured all three of those 100-loss seasons—his first three in the big leagues—or because he was the soon-to-be-named MVP. But it also was because he was the right kind of sports hero at the right time: a relatable one.

This is someone who told the Astros he would sign for free, and gladly accepted $15,000. Who gained 38 pounds in his first four years in America. (“Burgers and ice cream—a lot!”) Who before every game, home and road, walks to the stands to sign autographs for kids. Who has a size-9 shoe and a XXXL heart.

But mostly that relatability comes from being the smallest player in baseball. While we marvel at the amazing skills of those bigger, swifter and stronger than us, Altuve is not just inspirational but also aspirational, a 5′?6″ superconcentrated formula of willpower. We can achieve because Altuve can achieve, despite being as short as Napoleon Bonaparte (without the eponymous complex) and shorter than four of the starters on the 2017 Little League champions, from Lufkin, Texas.

Brown suffered a torn calf muscle in Week 15 against the New England Patriots, when his leg got awkwardly bent while he tried to make a touchdown catch. It initially had the looks of a season-ending injury when Brown spent several minutes on the turf, but the Steelers avoided a worst-case scenario. Brown missed the final two weeks of the regular season, but the bye week gave him extra time to rest.patriots_037_38b52494b1ae61ae-180x180

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