Month: November 2017

who now have Teddy Bridgewater back in the practice mix) are on bye next week.

This space is intended for a list of key players, not including those who have been moved to injured-reserve status, who are officially listed as “out” for the upcoming game.

Sam Bradford, QB, Minnesota Vikings, knee: Bradford’s listing is no surprise given the situation with his left knee. He has been sidelined for the past two weeks after his knee flared up during his Monday night appearance. He has not even participated in practice to this point and Case Keenum remains the starter. It’s worth noting the Vikings.

Since arriving in Austin, Bamba has gained about 15 pounds (he weighs 225 now), is playing with better balance, becoming more detail-oriented on defense and working on improving his offensive range.

The most anticipated question within the professional wrestling industry is whether Daniel Bryan will re-sign with WWE or test free agency.

The lone offensive highlight comes on deep Trubisky throw to rookie running back Tarik Cohen, a 70-yard gain. It’s one of only three first downs the Bears make before their final possession, when they run out the clock on a 17-3 win.

Abdullah (1.7 OTD, one TD) hasn’t scored much this season, and his usage suggests second-half improvement is doubtful, especially with Washington now healthy and working as the goal-line back.

The playground-style All-Star draft. While the NBA should have gone further to improve the quality of its All-Star Game by allowing fans, players and media members to vote for the 24 best players regardless of conference, their compromise solution will still be fun. Rather than have the East face the West, top vote-getters like LeBron James and Stephen Curry will get to select their teammates from a pool of All-Stars.


The subtext of those assets read something like a love letter to current UCLA coach Steve Alford.

My guess is Utley will have a hard time getting elected by the BBWAA, which usually favors longevity and counting stats over peak dominance. He feels like one of those players who could get elected down the road by a Veterans Committee.

The New Castle, Indiana, native was 1983’s Mr. Basketball and helped capture the Hoosiers’ last championship in 1987. He boasted plenty of college coaching experience, at Iowa, then New Mexico and now UCLA — even if his record, on and off the court, was far from pristine.

The next two games are pivotal for what is the AFC’s most disappointing team. The Raiders need at least one win against either host Miami or New England in Mexico City to remain viable in the playoff race.

The Caris LeVert experience. LeVert is too erratic to be destined for any one fate, but he’s the rare net for whom great things seem possible.

Myles Turner, on an island. We’ve seen what the upstart 21-year-old forward can do while Paul George, Jeff Teague, and Monta Ellis control the ball. Now we see Turner left to his own devices.

The Great Dwight Howard versus Cody Zeller debate. Yes, this one is for the basketball nerds, but there’s good reason to track how this unfolds. On one hand, there’s the aging former Defensive Player of the Year and All-Star with an established relationship with his new coach and questions about his mobility, free-throw shooting, offensive effectiveness and personality.

He seeks out the greatest architects in the world, the greatest land planners in the world. He looks at a piece of property that’s sat there untouched for 50 years and sees a great new city.”

His efficiency-based metrics are even more impressive.

The short-term ramifications of the Garoppolo deal aren’t much — the 49ers are all but eliminated from the playoffs and Garoppolo wasn’t playing behind Tom Brady in New England — but there are huge reverberations for a number of players and teams across the league that will be felt in the months and years to come. Let’s break them down and trace the dominoes of the Garoppolo deal:

And the hope has been, along with changes on the field, there’d be growth off the field too. Last week gave Cam Newton a test on that count. How the 27-year-old handled the aftermath got Rivera’s attention. Newton showed up to work the next day, last Thursday, locked in mentally, practiced well, then issued his apology after all the work was done.

At one point, Beisner asks Schottenheimer about whether one game sticks out for him in his career, and Pat jostles his memory and reminds him of the 1994 Joe Montana-John Elway classic Monday-nighter, with Montana in his Chiefs’ cameo years winning with a dramatic late touchdown pass, and Schottenheimer smiles.

The Greek Freak’s usage rate towers at 34.2, almost seven points better than last season’s rate. (To lend perspective, Westbrook set the all-time record last season with a 41.7 usage rate.)

But Antetokounmpo is more than mere volume.

Antetokounmpo’s PER is 40.31 (Wilt Chamberlain set the all-time record in 1962-63 at 31.8). He’s shooting 65.9 percent from the field. He’s cresting on a 69.6 true shooting percentage. (Per Basketball Reference, the best true single-season shooting percentage of all time was 70.8 percent, via 2011-12 Tyson Chandler, and he was chucking about a third of Antetokounmpo’s shot attempts.)

Damon Bailey might be in the building.

It’s late September, the Indiana Hoosiers’ first day of fall practice, and as they take to the Assembly Hall court, with those crimson banners trumpeting their onetime renown, whispers percolate about Bailey dropping by to observe the first day of a new era. Indiana secured a pair of Big Ten titles and a Final Four berth when Bailey wore candy stripes from 1990 to 1994.

The rest of practice unfolds in much the same way: Miller kneeling, taking a worm’s-eye view; Miller gesticulating, imploring his new charges to PICK. UP. THE. PACE. But Bailey never shows. And isn’t that just like Indiana these past few decades? Pining for yesterday, grappling with today.

Elliott’s accuser called police on July 22, 2016 to report a series of violent altercations with Elliott. Police did not arrest or charge Elliott at the time because they couldn’t confirm the woman’s version of the events or whether or not she and Elliott ever lived together. The officers who responded to the 911 call referred her to the Columbus City Attorney’s Office, according to the police report.

On the field, the Gophers battled to the wire with Maryland, tying the game at 24-24 with less than four minutes to play. Led by redshirt freshman quarterback Max Bortenschlager in his first start, Maryland responded in the final 75 seconds with a 34-yard Ty Johnson touchdown run to seal it.

How does one prepare a bunch of replacement players to face Lawrence Taylor?

“Well…” Levy says. His voice trails off.

This is meant to identify the players who were most consistently close to their weekly averages. The lower the number, the more consistent the player. Again, lower numbers are better.

The best we can do to project how long this may take is look at a similar appeal.

It’s hard to say. Elliott’s injunction temporarily blocked his suspension and gave him the chance to play out the season. The suspension was then reinstated, then temporarily halted, then reinstated aggain. We don’t yet know if he’ll serve the suspension this season.

There’s clearly a big difference between domestic violence and deflating footballs, but because these are actually labor law matters, the federal court process would be the same for Tom Brady and Elliott.

It’s already been longer than two months since Elliott’s suspension was first announced. Although it is back on for now, this battle isn’t over.

We reviewed just hundreds — a couple hundred pages of statements and information, and we reviewed extensively submissions offered by Mr. Elliott’s representatives as well as the information that the NFL gathered,” Lovelace told SB Nation.

We started our series (in partnership with State Farm) examining all levels of football—youth, high school, college and pro—last week with a visit to the Bay Area. This week, Jonathan Jones, Kalyn Kahler and videographer Steve Raum take us to Charlotte to explore its young football culture.

Jones writes about a Clemson-bound senior kicker at 12-year-old Charlotte South Pointe High, B.T. Potter, who booted a 71-yard field goal in practice and is being trolled by Clemson fans after the Tigers’ regular kicker was lost for the season. Jones writes: “Potter’s Twitter account got blown up by Clemson fans asking if he was eligible to graduate high school early and join the Tigers immediately. One fan told him they called his guidance counselor to check.” Big-time football in the south, folks.

Can Mo Bamba take Texas into college basketball’s elite?

Of the 21 principles at the heart of Shaka Smart’s program, Mohamed Bamba is fond of one of them in particular.

“Everything we do is a domino.”

Each of those principles is written in a 10-page confidential culture document, a formal effort by Smart to constantly push the importance of the Texas program he’s trying to bring back to national relevance.

The explosive nature of this attack is legitimate, with Watson fearlessly testing the Legion of Boom with deep shots and patiently using his feet to move the chains. The Texans rookie showed full command, especially during a juicy fourth-quarter touchdown drive that saw him spin away from pressure to find Lamar Miller in the end zone to put the Texans up 31-27. Watson is a rainmaker.

It is not known if he suffered a setback, but Golladay was ruled out early. Fellow receiver Golden Tate appears to be faring better despite suffering a shoulder injury in Week 6.

Remember those rosy offseason prognostications about the Bucs? They’re all but a distant memory, and Sunday’s performance certainly throws another shovelful of dirt on what could be dying playoff aspirations. The defense put in a solid effort, but the Jameis Winston-led offense looked lost at times. Winston completed 21 of 38 passes for 210 yards but struggled to piece together drives and threw two fourth-quarter interceptions.

Although a stronger run game and more reliable receivers could’ve enhanced Winston’s effectiveness, the bottom line is he didn’t play well enough to give the Bucs a solid chance. It’d be premature to say the third-year quarterback is facing a stunted development season (he had a strong second-half effort against the Bills last week and has been dealing with a sore shoulder), but he’ll need to play better if the Bucs have any hope of a post-Halloween resurrection.

The Jaguars could volunteer to be that team.

This isn’t your typical high school football coaching gig. Rood started the Von Steuben program from scratch three years ago. For the first 87 years of its existence, Von Steuben, a magnet school on Chicago’s Northwest Side, did not have a football program. Within Chicago Public Schools, basketball is king, and declining football participation and limited resources make it much more common to see news of a football program shuttering rather than starting up.

“Love the way you guys continue to compete from first snap to last snap!” he barked, all eyes on him. “Great win! Three-and-one—we accomplished our goal of finishing the first quarter that way. Enjoy it! Love you guys. Love where we’re going.” Then he handed out game balls to kicker Greg Zuerlein (seven of seven on field goal attempts) and defensive coordinator Wade Phillips (for beating the team he used to head-coach) … and told Phillips to break the team down, and then snuck out of the way so Phillips could be the center of attention for a few moments.

“We’d listen if it meant further strengthening the franchise in Jacksonville,” Khan says. For now, the Jaguars are only committed to playing one game a year here, for three more years, through the 2020 season.

Goodell doesn’t have the kind of political capital with the players, or the players union, to call in any favors to get a deal done that will compel every player in the league either to stand for the national anthem or to not protest while it’s being played.

It’s a fractious issue with both owners and players. Usually, Goodell can get the owners at least mostly on the same page. Not this time. You’ve got Niners CEO Jed York telling players he won’t force them to stand, Chargers owner Dean Spanos telling players he’s got their backs, and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones saying if players don’t stand for the anthem they won’t play for Dallas.